Sunday, July 19, 2009


STARS - donked out in both warm up and million - no posting details as beyond joke beats. Went well in 100 rebuy until wrongly read a hand with loads of limper's as a squeeze when he had KK.

BETFAIR 66K - got to decent possy with 20 left and looked like cashing when picked up AA in BB, however i should have flatted raise but re raised and he folded. Folded to me next hand I have K high so shove v shorty who had K high also but hits 2nd pair. Then folded to me and I have 1010 when 18 of 20 and just shove to hide strength and SB calls instantly with AJ and flops J and i am out 2 from the money.

Played a free roll elsewhere for a mate and managed to get it in 4 way with AQ v KK QQ and AK - LOL DONKAMENTS

Won decent amount on star fixed limit to cover above losses. Golf turned out to be disaster from looking awesome - I was +2k Westwood and +1K Watson - FFS !!

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