Friday, July 24, 2009


I am going to buy an English open seat through rake the rake at a discounted price.

The seats are usually 5200$ and the price pool is $1 million gtd. Event is on at DTD at Nottingham in mid Sept.

Anyway I am looking to sell 50% at 2000$ in chunks of 5% for 200. This gives the buyer a better than 1:1 deal based on the usual buy in amount where 5% at 1:1 would be 260$.

Anyone interested then please leave message on blog. 1st come 1st served - however immediate payment needed as I need to pay for the seat.

Ideal would be a transfer on full tilt poker to alias suddes.


Wildcat said...

$200 sent from stars (Modjadji)

GL mate :)

Robert "Animal" Price said...

i'll take 20% for $800. cant do full tilt though skint and trying to get money in there to buy a seat myself !!! catch me on messenger asap and u can give me your sort code and bank account number and i'll transfer through bank at a spot rate $ to £ that we can agree on.

Poker play the Soap way said...

Ok thanks you have 20% Animal.

If Ok with you can we use teh rate that I get when deposit into FTP - if so will send you it when i deposit later.Tryed to spin up the buy in at raked PLO but failed last night !! :(

Brenos said...

Superb offer mate, very generous. If I had staking money I'd snap your hand off. Gl :-)

Robert "Animal" Price said...

Tilt rate fine only shrapnel diff to spot rate. 1.638 on tilt $800 = £488.40. prob off on cider shortly but u can leave comment on my blog with sort code and bank account number and i wont publish it. i'll just save it to sell to nigerians :))

Richard 'FlopIt' Ellis said...

lol. class comment!