Sunday, July 19, 2009


My fav tourney on the web is the Sat night 300$ 100K gtd on stars. Like to play it and watch a few movies !!!

Played very well tonight but lost a race when it mattered 1st is 30K and 2nd 20K so after the big prices.

I was 15th of 20 when picked up AT sooted in SB, usual raiser raised and I just shoved and was snap called by 88 for top 5 stack.

Flop not nice 743 but 2 on turn gave me both flush and str8 draw and 6 overs but i missed the lot and went for an ultimately disappointing 1K$ which does not cover my PLO losses earlier today.

However, ran well on horses today for a 4 fig profit and have a very nice bet on Westwood on golf who I think can do it tomorrow.

On downside full of flu - hope not swine !!!!

GL all.

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woodie said...

gl on westwood i have my duobt with him at the moment to be able to close it out. gl thou