Sunday, July 26, 2009


Played this yesterday and came 30 oddth from 108 and ultimately was disappointed.

Main 5 hands below.

1) 3 way all in me AK v AQ v 44 and I hit trip K and win 27K flop.
2) Short stack all in from SB for 6K him K8 v my KJ and he flops 8 for 12K pot.
3) Picked up an 8K flop with a river bluff v Ash that put him on tilt !!! - he had position on me all day so I had a difficult seat as he was one of the best players at event.
4) me AK v 99 for 26-8K pot (average at time 20K)* see below thread - I think I could have got ruling and picked up 6K uncontested :(
5) left with 10K after above and re raised all in with 77 and was called by KK.


Soap 26 Jul 01:57

played the Teeside masters £500 even today and was doing ok with 25K (about average) when folloing hand came up.

I raised at 400 800 75 ante to 2500 with AK. Few folded round to pished bloke who annouces raise to 2200 (obviously didnt realise i had raised). 1st question he was told he had to make min rause to 4200 - i think this is correct - agree?

At this point I had already decided to shove.

However, what happened next was bizarre upon been told he had to min raise he through cards over line and said i fold - I didnt say anything and basicaly a few people said you cant fold and he picked cards back up from other line and made it 4200. My question here is if I asked for a ruling would his hand have been dead and would have had to put in 4200?

My 2nd question is given what he has just done and even if you knew you could get the above ruling, would you ask for it given you are holding AK (he is playing about 15K).

Dont want this to be results orientated thread but hand basically shoved he called and his 99 held v my AK.


Robert "Animal" Price said...

yeh is an interesting one mate, prob diff in diff rooms and even in same room with diff director ! personally if the guy said "raise to 2200" surely he hasnt announced a raise as its less than the prev bet whereas if he just said "raise" obv he has to minraise to complete. However if a min raise is judged then 100% hand dead if he says "i fold" imo regardless of where the cards ended up. If u eva say "i fold" in any hand cards should b immediately dead with chips left in if relevant unless its an out of turn dec and action changed. That said if u ask for it to be dead u look like an ass so its not a great situation to b in and i dont think anyone would knw what they would do in the situation unless it happened to them. I would prob hav took your line as u had fold equity and obv his hand was at best 99 i guess !!! and looked a lot like a weaker ace so without the hindsight i do want his hand live too.
PS: gimme your bank details ;)

Jackal23 said...

Nasty situation that mate, I'd have thought the raise should stand as a min raise but his hand then should then still be mucked.

Also did the dealer not say anything about asking for a ruling, Im not sure if dealer as any obligation too? Whenever ive seen rulings on tournes its usually the player

As for 2nd question, id rather his hand be dead I think, although by his actions you know your racing at worst and perhaps vs aj aq think id still rather take that pot uncontested.....but then again im a pussy!