Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ok need to find a non badbeat / non moaning post so will give an overview of my impression of Dusk till Dawn Poker Club in Notts that held the EPO last week and my first visit.

First impressions where very good, pretty much 90% of the area inside is poker tables, with a separate small casino area and a decent bar with sky sports etc. Things got better when the event started exactly on time, their attitude is to start on time for every session which I felt was a breathe of fresh air. I also like the scheduled break for the buffet where half the field break one hour earlier than the other ensuring hot food, no huge ques etc. Next were the dealers and in 2 days of play I only seen one mistake by a dealer (a mis count of chips), was very impressed with the ones that I encountered. Tournament director also did a very good job although this is to be expected.

Away from poker the beer was quite well priced, food was really good and pretty cheap and only thing I noted different to other venues is that soft drinks / coffee etc are not free when playing. However, this brings with it awesome waittress service and they literally come round your table every 5 mins and are back with your drink within a couple of minutes.

In summarry the best poker club I have been to and extremely professional - I hope they have a lot of success.

After I bust i played a bit of 2 2 Omaha with Animal and a few hours. Took me 10 mins to realise I was fish at table playing £250 when some had 1000s. Anyway I started to straddle and was delighted when my straddle to 4 then was restraddled all the way to 32 so a proper gambling game !! - I won about £200 that covered what I lost on 13 on roulette!!!


Amatay said...

Was following the updates on Blonde, ul mate

Robert "Animal" Price said...

lol 4got bout them £32 straddles thank fuk it went 6 carded shortly after u left and i refused to straddle then :) !!!