Thursday, September 17, 2009


More of the same for me I am afraid.

Came back at start of day 18th of 50 0dd and look at prize structure and 18th was £7K and ist was £200K+, at that stage I take any cash.

The first 3 levels were awful for me with literally no cards bar one hand so all i did in 3 hrs was a few positional raises and 1 reraise with a hand and ultimately i lost some of my stack and it had gone from 35K to 30K, however around 25 players had been eliminated leaving around 30 so the average was now 50odd thousand chips so I am behind average. In the same peiod the 2 people I was there with both had been shafted eliminated by 3 outers and Animals was for the chip lead which was sick, so after my recent run I am wondering what my beat or set up was going to be (lack of PMA !!!).

Just as I was starting to panic that I had one level left where I felt people could fold to a reraise (Blinds 800 1600 antes 200) i pick up AcAs in mid position. My read on the big blind was that he likes to defend so i made the raise slightly smaller than what was the norm at the table to 5K. He calls and we take a flop of 9 6 4 (2 clubs. I do my best acting job to look like I am making a weak cont bet and put in 9K which he flat calls. (I have 15K behind and am covered). At this stage i put him on either 78, more likely 2 high clubs although note I have the ace, or he has flopped a set and in which case I am going busto. Anyway flop J hearts and he bets into me, takes me 0.5 secconds to work out that this either a) has not helped him or b) has give him a pair to go with his flush draw so I instant all in. However, its only 4K more to him and now a 60 odd K pot to go about 10th and with a huge chance - cards on there backs - him K4 clubs* me AA river 5 clubs - thanks and good night.

* Why on earth he does not shove or reraise flop is beyond me and if hand had played out like that and he had 2 streets to hit I think it would have been less painful.

Anyway, am down, as this is probably 10th badbeat type post I have done on here in a row and I almost could feel the club before it hit (think he had 7 outs once so I am 80odd%). However, i also know that on day 1 i played my best level of poker ever and have shown to myself in APT and in EPO that I can play with the best of them but just need lady luck with me one time to go deeper.

Thank you to people who invested in me for EPO also - was much appreciated and at least got a sweat for your cash.

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