Sunday, September 13, 2009


So took a few days off as per below and then yesterday I start to get a headache and wake up this morning with a massive red eye and look to have some kind of eye infection.

So what I thought was ideal preparation for EPO is now a total mare as is very painful especially when have to focus eyes on something nearby (like the flop!!!), Have been to the chemists today and have been able to get some eye drops so I am hoping they work and work quick as plan was to get train down to Nottingham on Monday hence wouldn't be able to see the doc.

Fingers crossed it gets better quick !!

I was going to have a huge bet on Man U today but bottled it and in the end had 1 1/5th of what i planned on and instead had some decent bets on Monza grand prix that thus fra look like costing me a good few quid !!!

I see all the top teams won in Championship today so would be delighted with a win at Cardiff tomorrow, all though would snap hand off if offered a point now.


Wildcat said...

Sounds nasty, hope it gets better soon!

Highstack said...

Baron Von Purple mentioned on the forum a while back about getting an STD eye infection (I said "want respect, wear goggles").

Have you been fucking him up the arse and then scratched your knob and your eye? Its easy how these things are passed on.