Monday, September 21, 2009


Posting this now as playing 1 multi tonight that I have included in below but my worst month ever by a long distance in poker and need to keep my travel money separate from poker money so am calling it a day for the month (off on travels soon).

FL -800
Multi 1020
NL -3700
PLO -5000


1) Back in plus column for multis.

2) Played well in APT and EPO never winning a race and losing 2 big 80 20s my way.


1) Like everyone I will blame running like sh1t.

2) However, need to be big enough to realise that 1) alone isn't it and I have had big issues coping with the emotion of losing and bankroll management.

3) I disliked the game and not sure if linked to losing or linked to fact I have been doing it full time.

4) It is harder to make money in the game now, I have thought this for a while but really felt it off late and talked to other players who have said similar.


Wildcat said...

It's definitely tougher than it used to be, no question about that.

Hope you do better next month!

Scampman said...

I agree, the glory days are over. Lets hope they return when the US come back 100%.
Can you add me to your blog list? I've added yours of course.