Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Had 9 days since below post with 0 poker !!!

However, have logged on today to see if can pinch a few quid before I go on my Asia / Oz trip. We leave tomorrow so this blog wont have many updates in next few months unless get quite a bit unexpected playing time.

Will keep my travel updates away from this blog as most are hear to read about poker and sports degenerate stuff !!!

Anyone who knows me and is interested can read our travel online diary which is linked to my facebook account. If anyone else wants the link just leave a comment below and I will send.


At last I win a huge pot when I get the money in good on a spin up - woohoo thats from a 600 buy in AM - since I done this months huge loss that will be a good start to next month - looks like break did me good :)

** Dealing the flop: Jc, Kd, 4s
KTHXBAI bet - €290.00 (with AK hearts)
dish raised to €780.00 (with 44)
KTHXBAI went all-in - €2213.00
dish called - €2503.00

EDIT2 - Continues to go well at 10 20 - I ran from above table and then did a 50BB buy in which is now spin up part 2 - might get all months lossers back at this rate and all the teams at top of chamionship are losing also :D

EDIT 3 - Over and out and running again - got back the whole lot I had posted as my loss for the month in 1 day - feel great especially that all the big pots were me getting my money in really good and holding. Just looked at hold em stats I won over 500 big bets and that stupid EV thing says i should have won 530 so bang on.


FlopIt... said...

Have a great trip mate!

Highstack said...

Have fun Mark and forget all about poker. It will still be here when you get back and a proper break will make you appreciate/enjoy it more.

See you soon


rubbish said...

Hi mate,
Would love the link to catch up on where you've been and what you've been up to.
Have a great trip.

Unknown said...

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woodie said...

Wouldn't mind that link mate, gl