Thursday, September 10, 2009


Keep sating into WCOOP events but have gone out after about 5 hrs in 3 different ones for 0. Only good news is kept away from cash and hence these have been very cheap. However, in biggest losing hole I ever been in - in a month and would need to go very deep in EPO to get out of this. Have already accepted this will be my worst losing month ever and am not going chasing for it before my travels, the money I have is for that and I wont risk it at poker.

I will be playing the 300 PLO WCOOP event tomorrow which is 1 rebuy and add on also. Should I use them then that is about the end of my tourney $ and I would probably play only 1 more WCOOP event.

After my last bad beat post on tennis - I then had my biggest bet of year on someone at evens and they won 1st set and traded 1.19 in 2nd set but lost in tiebreaker in decider - LOl i run so good at moment.

Not going to twist as I know it is going to pay me back with WCOOP PLO cash and EPO final table ...................................

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