Saturday, February 23, 2008


Hardly played this week as have been working 9 till about 9 most days.

However i have had a good solid night on 5 10$ NL tonight - played about 5 short sessions and won in all 5 and played some real solid poker v a couple of drunks etc. Tryed to delay getting the cash in after recent run and was able to milk some good hands for max value. Anyway was £500 down for month (excluding packages won) before tonight and am now in the green for the month.

I treat myself to the 10k EPT final again tomorrow for 500EUR.

One of my worst months ever sports betting though so need to have a few decent poker sessions to get overall level for month.

Off to watch us get spanked off Man U tomorrow although I would love it if we beat them - love it !!! - were still in this title race .... etc etc :) !!!

Good luck all

PS I still have not played Betfair since leaving but have seen Mr Silent has donated his 23k$ Stax prize of WSOPE package to charity. Buy in 500$ and all entrants up to 46 then prize gos to winner but entrance fees of $500each to charity- anything above this will be added to prize pool - a nice touch.


TEAMDOBB said...

yip the MR S giveaway is a quality gesture and a genuine attempt to help worthy causes brought on by "personal circumstances"
I hope the game gets the support it deserves. WD MR S.

portdeco20 said...

hey mate, fancy a link swap?

i'll be happy to put you in the list