Saturday, February 09, 2008


I have been playing the steps on *s and done pretty well and am now at the last stage of trying to qualify for a EPT event via stt's. Still a big chance I leave with nothing but started at 100$ so I have enjoyed the ride.

Anyway I am in a bit of a predicament now as didnt realise only 3 EPT events left. I am really struggling to get any time off at the moment and definately would not be able to play San Remo event. Poland I would struggle but this has cash prizes for 7 of 10 players in STT so maybe my preffered option. The one I could probably get time off for is Monte Carlo but only 1 prize as 10K EUR buy in except the seat so 80% chance I leave with nothing.

Anyway my paper value is now 2100$ which means nothing as I cant cash it - also it says not transferrable etc etc even if I won something. maybe i should have read the terms before starting.

Anyway not sure if will play the final game tonight or Sunday but will post results when I do and what i decided to go for.

Link is below - any advice appreciated or whether stars have let them transfer seats from say an ept event to the wsop etc?

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Wildcat said...

Soap, that was me offering to play the freeroll on the forum (just in case you didn't recognize me ;) ), if you are interested, let me know.

Best of luck.