Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Running rotten at the moment. Played my best poker for a long time in the 110k gtd on Mansion tonight. I got a stack over 10k with no hands.

Anyway 90 paid Im about 45th and 100 left and I am all in KK v AK to go top 20 and river is an ace and Im gone.

Then I qualified via the 70Eur qualifer for the 500Eur EPT final on Sat before realising thats my birthday all day sesh so will be hammered when play final.

Anyway Happy Birthday to me for tomorrow and lets hope the luck changes.

Looks like I will make 2 days for Cheltneham festival Thur & Fri which will give me something to look foward to.

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TEAMDOBB said...

Pressie for ya at blog. Have a good un m8.