Saturday, February 16, 2008


Think I need few days off as sense Im out of control.

Every single bluff i make its like they can see my cards - I just bet pot into 1000$ pot at 10 20 NL on ace high board and get called from K 10 (2nd pair 10 kicker) - think he was pished as instant call after i had raised on turn big with little. I seriously cant do one thing right and have dropped a fortune this week in poker and then also has some large sports bets chasing that lost also.

I have £300 on Wichita Lineman tomorrow at 9-4 and if that gets beat I need to give up poker betting for a few days as seriously playing above limit at poker then too high bets at sports.

1st time i felt a bit out of control for about a year.

PS some of the hands i lost lately at 5 10 and 10 20 NL makes me thing that pushing with the nuts late at night will be a massive +EV tactic - think I might try this instead of pushing with crap or draws all the time.

Off on lash all day tomorrow with my mates then need to sort my head out. Think I wnet on tilt this week when my boss did not give me 2 days vacation i wanted for Cheltneham.

Anyway time to explore beer / wii etc over the weekend. However will play the 2 million $ freeroll on *s on Sunday - check it out if you aint already.

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TEAMDOBB said...

"out of control" I cant imagine this of you. have a few days break to come back with clear head ( or maybe not, depending on how much ya mates can drink)