Sunday, February 17, 2008

FlashBadger exit hand

Just read on GUKPT web site the exit hand of Graham Clarkson AKA F- Badger (blog linked from my mine and very good read).

This is proper sick exit and interesting ruling - I dont play live much so have no clue on rulings. However put yourself in his shoes - how would you have played hand?

Crazy baby, check this out!
Dharmindar Buttar raises the blinds from late position and gets a call from Graham Clarkson on the big blind. It must have been sote voce ‘cos Buttar turns over his cards. He has a pair of 88’s. Ian, the tournament director is brought over and the rule is given that now Buttar can only call and may not bet or raise throughout the remainder of the hand. The flop comes 7Q5 and Graham bets 20k. This is called by the pocket 88’s of Buttar. The turn comes 9 and Graham announces all-in for his remaining 35k. Buttar thinks and calls it. Graham turns his cards over now and he has KQ and top pair. The river, however is a 6, making a straight for Buttar and sending Graham Clarkson to the asylum.

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