Monday, February 11, 2008


200$ event over 3000 runners I made last 100 but never stacked late in game.

In the end i bottled pushing b4 my blind at 10k 20k with 15k antes and ended up on BB.

I only had 10 5 offsuit and SB pushes - pot is 45K plus his push for another 70k. So its 60k to call into 115k pot and I am 82nd of 84. I should have passed this but worked out I had odds versus and non overpair holding and that his range was massive and most probably i was 40 60. I called he had 1010 and im gone.

In hindsight I think this call is bad and I should have pushed one of next 2 or 3 hands instead hence very annoyed at myself - but blog is warts and all as I have said before.

Anyway 1200$ for 80 oddth is better than nothing but 4* entry return after 6 hrs+ seems a bit lame !!! and had my eyes on 100k plus for winner ;) LOL

Anyway anyone with lots of player points on Stars should check out a great freeroll next Sunday - 10000 FPP to enter and 1 in 3 get some sort of pay. Should be huge field and good fun.

Also played a qualifyer on Virgin to try and get a seat as Aspers festival at Newcastle but donked a stack off.

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