Sunday, February 17, 2008


Finally got my hands on a seat last night but nov via the stars route I had been trying.

Played a 70EUR qualifyer which I won on Monday which got me into 500EUR final . This was on Littlewoods who have been adding some value to these type of events (Thanks Animal for info which I read on his blog) - an example is that win one of these and it sounds like you also win a GUKPT pacakge worth an additional £1500 in Manchester although I will await confirmation this was the case as not 100% clear but sounded that way.

Anyway the pacakge won is worth 10K Eur overall and i need some clarity on what it can be spent on. The way I interpret it is that it can be used as a buy in for any EPT or WPT event and then any difference between 10K EUR and entry will be paid into account for travel and expenses etc. Will keep you updated as I receive info. I am hoping there is no use buy date on it as I am really struggling for any holiday at the moment and would love to play one of the WPT events later in the year and combine it with a holiday.

Feeling rather rough so will post more as I know more.

Gl all

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TEAMDOBB said...

gr8 result soapy wd,