Monday, March 15, 2010


As if by magic downswing started after the last post.

Had one more go at spin up on PP at PLO 1000 and lost what I had despite getting most in pre with AAxx v KK22 (flopped K), also lost a couple of buy ins last few days on *s at NL1000, one when got it in terrible with AQ v AA pre flop (my bad).

Then last night played Sunday Millions and after good start got in a v big pot versus Daniel Negrandu who was to my left, basically he spiked king when we were all in pre me QQ versus his AK.

Writing this from Portugal where we arrived yesterday to nice weather and I on the hunt tonight for bars which will show the Cheltenham festival for rest of week, had a few tip offs so sounds promising.

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BH said...

share the wealth mate! Off to cheltenham on wednesday with brenos so if you have any decent tips let us know :-)