Sunday, March 07, 2010


Ok similar to what I did at EPO last year where I came 29th of 300 and odd when aces were busted depp on day 2, I am going to see if I can sell 50% of myself for the Irish Open over Easter, and if I can then I will play this event, which will probably the only chance I get this year to play a major event.

Buy in is 3500EUR and my costs of flights / taxis / hotel etc are probably 400-500EUR.

Hence looking to sell 50% at 2000EUR. Willing to break this down to 2.5% chunks at 100EUR. Leave a comment or mail me if want to buy a %, I wont ask for any monies yet as want to see if I am going to be able to sell or not first.


Live events - to be honest in the UK I have had little success, I think 3 day 2s and 2 day 1 exits in GUKPT all out the cash. I recently cashed for 1400 in the pokerstars 500 event at Manchester. Abroad I have made 3 final tables from 7 events at the Carribean poker events including final tabling the main event in 7th.

Online events - I have had a lot of success in multis over the years especially on Sunday nights. I won the Betfair Sunday night tourney 4 times in 18 months (500$ buy in) and have also won the 100K on stars. In addition i have qualified for a lot of live events such as wsop, macau , WSOPE , carribean by winning multis.


SOLD OUT (Thanks to Betfair forum members)

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