Monday, March 29, 2010


Played warm up on *s
A sat for Nott UKIPT
and Turbo takedown

Cashed in none exits as follows.

1) Warm up got stacked and got in in with flush draw v top pair shit kicker and missed. I prob telegraphed i had f draw.

2) Nott UKIPT got it in with 88 v A8 he spiked 8 for stacks (was turboooooo)

3) Turbo takedown got well stacked and all in KK v AA versus other big stack.

Out all them.

This has been a strange month and not sure whether to be pleased just by the fact I am in profit, however i ain't done SuperNova volume yet on stars so need to do 1100 hands before COB 31st March and at match tomorrow night, given my balance has gone from 8k$ to 1.1k$ in *s in last week it may be a big bankroll management challenge to hit this before going busto - will try and apply a bit of discipline to do it.


I head to Dublin (one of my fav cites) first thing Thursday - I had intended to play a sat that day but since I have my seat I will prob just chill out and have a few drinks - still trying to get Brenos to come on what is an almost freebie but he is resisting thus far. I play Irish Open main event on Friday and if bust on day 1 will buy into the 750EUR PLO event on that Saturday. In event bust Main event and PLO then will get flight home that I have booked 1st thing Sunday (probably stay up all night), however if still in any tourneys will just try and get a flight Mon or Tue as I am covered as package includes Burlington Hotel for 6 nights. Its Irish Grand National at Fairyhouse on Monday also which could be tempting if still there.


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