Monday, March 22, 2010


Had a bash at qualifying for Laddies cruise in Jan tonight and won a 50 sat into the 400 final with 1 seat with 16 runners and 3 other cash prizes.

I chip led it down to 8 people but then someone else doubled up and I started to fall back in the pack and was 5th of 6 before below hand. Cash prizes were pretty decent so was keen to get 4th upwards (£500-£1200) but obviously going for the main prize. (4K£ package)

I raise into the BB and he shoves when he could have made plain reraise, was pretty certain my AQ was in front so snapped and delighted to see AJ, this pot to go clear 2nd and a flop of KTx and i no longer want to hit my queen which promptly arrived on turn/ Field wasn't great and was pretty confident would have gone on to have a big chance :(

In better news i sucked out v a cardrunners pro for stacks at NL1000$ with 3 outer but played bad apart from this hand in a table i should have left earlier as mega strong and in end won enough to cover multis only.

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