Sunday, March 07, 2010


Playing the Irish Open qualifyer and was chip leader with 32 left and 5 seats.

I open raise with 22 and get 1 caller on big blicd whom is 4th in chips overall playing about 16K and I play 20K.

Flop 732 (2 di) I bet 3/4 pot and get flat called, turn is a 7 which is pretty beautiful and i check raise which he flats and he has 6K behind. I think he either has a 7 or a flush draw or overpair, all of which he is stacking off on river as i intend to check to him if flush misses. I am certain I have played pot perfect till i see the river and then i wish I just shoved at some other point !!!!

Anyway river is 7 di completing the flush but now also meaning i lose to any pair or 7. He has about 7K behind and pot is already about 19K and I decide to check fold. Not sure if this is mental or not but I thought much more likely i was beat, although suppose flush thinks its good when checked to.

5th break and 7 left - sweat time, I am 4th but not miles ahead of 6th - pretty tight pack.

Would have posted HH but its ipoker and dont know how.

Pretty sick hand anyway, and to be honest will only know if good ro bad move if i qualify or not. 30 left and i am just top 10 so hopefully plenty poker yet, although I know this hand will play on my mind all night. I am also sure some people will think the fold is terrible given pot odds, and its only a sat i would ever do this in.


Just had 77 bust my 1010 to go 3rd with 27 left, now right back in pack and starting to look like sick night.


2 table sleft but 15th of 17 and need some magic to happen although still have over 10BB.


Now on break, I got a double up shortly after the last edit to get back in it versus what i thought was a very loose call that would have annoyed me if had busted me but i won when slight fav. Have not moved that much since but we are short handed across 2 tables so important to keep trying to win a pot or two.

Blinds were 400 800 and 800 in antes i was playing 22k and button shoved for 11k, i had a long tank and called with a2 clubs and was against JK spades for 20k pot. However, K on flop had me drawing thin but just spiked ace on the river to go into a decent position with 12 left and 5 seats, also 6th to 8th get cash prizes (555EUR - 1387EUR), and was 188EUR to enter so better than nothing but obviously eyes and play are for the main prizes.

Break now 11 left.


Now on 10 seat final table, only 1 short stack rest os us have 20BB-50BB range.


Frustrating slow progress only 1 down at final table and about 13 shoves got through without a call, i am about average and need 1 more to go before cash starts - trying to stay patient as possible but covered by quite a fw stacks to left now and shove stacks are to right fr 10BB plus so in a tough seat.


BLKS just doubled up the tight shortie when i shoved from small blind with 9 high and he had an ace that held, now last of 7. Damn short stack just won a race, i then shoved from button that got the blinds. Smaller stack then just own an AK v QQ all in, not going my way when not in pot at moment.


We are on the bubble, I am 2nd last. This is so sick, the big chip leader is flding his small blinds against the guy who i am competing against for a seat. I won a few blinds and thought i was there but he has let him back in it and i am now in bother joint last again.


Big stack then raised / folded to the shove by shortie that really pissed me off. Fortunately i then picked up aces against queens and have doubled despite him making str8 as i had made flush :)

Damn i got up to almost chippie but then have spuzzed half of them off trying to knock some1 out but failed and need to be careful now, if i call another and lose i will be at bottom.


1st for 4800EUR package.

3500EUR entry, some spends and hotel. Also qualify for the 100K EUR sole survivor where the PP qualifyer that gos the deepest gets 100000EUR which is well exciting side pot :)


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good effort mate - congrats again

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