Saturday, March 13, 2010


As a few of you know I opened a new account with Paddy Power just over a week ago to try and qualify for the Irish Open. I have played 4 sessions on thus account so far and my only deposit was to cover the cost of the sat which was 175EUR.

Session 1 - shipped the Irish Open sat for 3500EUR entry and 1000$ expenses.
Session 2 - played Omaha with 1000$ expenses and won about $1000 that I withdrew.
Session 3 - played a NLHE session and had winning session of 500 or so.
Session 4 - Was out tonight and got in from flicks at midnight (went to see Shutter Island - wait for DVD 7/10 but better than blue people shit) got in loaded my balance of just over 1000$ for a 10 20$ spin up at NLHE. Got a near double up when got it in bad with flush draw versus set but got there, then a few hands later got 180BB in pre flop with KK versus QQ and held.

Anyway Paddy Power is now paying my spends for next week on Portugal as the Mrs and me are going for a week Sunday to Sunday.

New accounts rock!! - GL folks at the tables and for Cheltenham next week.

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