Friday, March 19, 2010


Gets a big thumbs up. (with 1 day left).

Booked this when skintish in Jan so the Mrs could have a weeks holiday before she was no longer able to fly (now 6 months). It was a mega cheapie as such at £220 each for the week including flights and accomodation so I didnt have high expectations. However, place is very nice 4* and i really like the old town part of Albufeira which is very relaxes and picturesque. However, it is a cry out of middle age when like old town much better than livelier strips !!!

Anyway weather was ok and could sit out in sun and then on 1st day I found a bar saying they would have Cheltenham on so I was sorted for week as sky sports is everywhere. SO pretty much been in a daily routine of sit out in sun, go out for beers and races in afternoon, few hands NL on *s on nighttime at a profit then evening meal and bet - then repeat.

However my wifes e mail account got hacked ending up with her sending e mail to her whole address book of some German porn link. Address book included her dad, boss and FD !!! However, this did worry me about connection and i mailed stars to freeze account (which I hope is ok) as more than a few $ in after 3 out of 4 winning sessions in the week.

Weather turned to shit today so looks like watching live footy all day tomorrow then home Sun. Cheltenham has been a disaster although the fact I have been away has limited bets which is a good thing.

Anyway my wifes porn experience gos in at number 3 on my lifetime funnies on porn stakes.


We changed our bank last year to first direct for some offset mortgage thing and one of the first times my wife logged on to the account she missed the r out in the first word and got a very graphic banking picture :D


One of my old time favourite stories that is absolute gold, although cuplprit should remain nameless although is one of my best mates (honest!!). He had discovered porn but had clicked on some link where he paid £1 a minute or something and phone bill came with a £15 call on that mother asked what it was. I think he tryed to spin some tipping line yarn but the mum rung it up and found out was an adult line. Anyway she assembled the men of the house in the kitchen and asked who had done it. My mate says just loud enough for the mpther to hear "its OK dad I will take the wrap for it" and that was that :D

Years later he described the reasoning to me, whey hes a bloke isn't he and aint very good technically so he probably go's on so was a good bet. Moral of the story - if you do an all in bluff on the river - make sure you have some reasoning / logic behind it :D


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