Sunday, December 17, 2006

2 7th PLACES

Played 2 tournamants tonight.

I came 7th in the 400 man 25k$ gtd and was a bit gutted as I was chip leader with 13 left but then hit cold streak and got shafted by someone calling a 3*BB raise with 10 2 v my ace ten and shafting me. However on the bubble with 51 left I had 99 v AA and hit a 9 so I guess any return was a bonus.

Final hand I was all in with 77 versus Ace Ten to go up to 3rd I think - flop was a nice 884 but the turn brought the ace :( the prize money was huge with 8.5k$ for 1st so a bit gutted with 1k$ but telling myself i shouldn't be due to the good beat I had. However disappointed I blew chip lead and can credit that to 3 preflop raises which were called and then betting low flops and getting re-raised all in - maybe sometimes i have to resist the temptation of the continuation bet.

I also came 7th in the 200 player rake the rake freeroll ( remember you can sign up for rakeback via the link on my right and you auto qualify for the 10k rtr freeroll each month ). I played really well in this in 6 pak format but didn't quite make the final table when I pushed all in with K Q suited when 6th of 7 left and was called by ace 6 and missed - I got £300 for 7th in that event but again the top prizes were huge - 2.5k for the winner - I have won this event before so was hoping for a repeat but it wasn't to be.

Anyway I will look at the positive side - the 2 events cost £14 total to enter and I have returns of 1050$ and £300 so I should be happy.

This is probably my best month poker wise for a while so lets hope it lasts till the end of Dec !!!!

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