Sunday, December 03, 2006


Ok here is a report - hopefully accurate but I had a few by the end.

10 players - Az, Buck, Adam, John, Steven, Rich, James, Andy, Ben and me ( soap).

Main action as I remember it.

Tight start with Ben and Rich taking the initative and moving to chip leaders. First big hand coming when Andy KK went up against Bens AA - a low paired board so both them all in and AA held up and shortly later Andy was 1st to go.

Steven also started well flat calling some monsters and picking up some nice pots. He usually comes for the drink and the crack but started very well and looked a contender.

A very big hand not long later when I had picked up a decent stack and called Riches all in with QQ v his AK - flop brought K but then when turn was Q I just needed to avoid a jack for straight which duly came on turn and Rich became chip leader. Im then a bit blurred as to who went out when - James went as he called a raise with 10 4 and pushed all in on a Q T 6 flop only to be against Adams QQ. James ??????? :)

Steven also went - Ben then started to reraise hand after hand with mid pair AQ etc and lost 2 races in a row to me to be knocked out - SWEET !!!

Then probably the 2nd most significant hand of the night. Az raised I thought he was weak then Rich cane over top who I put on AK - I looked down at ten ten and thought that if i pushed all in then az either had a weak ace or low pair making me almost 50% on the hand and getting 3.5-1. I pushed and he called and turned over K J - board came 9 high and my 10s held up and made me chip leader - I was very happy with this read / play. That was Az and Rich gone and 4 left - payout structure was 1st 3 so time to get agressive.

After a while John took Buck out who finished 4th I think ( bit blurry by this stage ) then shortly after it was heads up me v Adam with me having a chip lead.

A few races / some uncontested pots and then the significant pot of the night. I knew I had to get chips in when in front as lost time Ad lost a race in poker was 1997 :)

Anyway I am in Q high he calls J 9

Flop no help something like 8 6 2 - Turn brings the Q and the title is mine if I can avoid a ten on the river. Then Ad hits his miracle 10 on the river and pushes home his chip lead for a victory.

Bar that huge good beat above he played very well and was a deserving winner.

A good time was had by all with finishing positions

1) Adam
2) Soap (me)
3) John

Some of the above will not be correct as had too many beers - feel free to correct in comments !!!!

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