Sunday, December 03, 2006


Final analysis is that I didn't do great at all in November - I started well and had hit 4 figure profit but actually moved to a loss on the month and recovered to break even on the month. However I still made a nice profit from my rakeback deal with raketherake. Remember if you play for any sort of decent stakes then make sure you sign to rakeback - there is a link on the right of the blog.

The other key learning this month is the importance of record keeping. EG I say I broke even above but this is broken down as follows :-

10 seater 129
6 Pak 11
6 Pak Turbo -275
Fixed Limit -2115
H Up Tourny 990
No Limi1585
Omaha 160
Total poker related pay for month £868

2 big factors above that I will have to review in the month ahead.

1) The amount I lost at fixed limit is shocking. I hope this is a one off as this used to be where I made most my cash. I will review if i lose at FL in Dec with a view to maybe changing games.

2) I didnt use to play NL cash but have in the last few months and had sensed I was becoming a better player. However I was shocked how much profit I made at NL in the month. I will analyse at end of Dec if should play NL more. ( I like to play NL in the early hrs when hopefully a few drunks are about ;) - I try never to play poker drunk).

I had my home game last night also and finished 2nd when someone hit a 4 outer on the river on me when we were both all in heads up. Some prize money but no prestige but I promised the boys I would do a proper write up so will do that tomorrow.

Here is my sports analysis for the month also where I showed a profit but have started Dec badly with 2 ton on Barcelona at 4-6 who drew 1 1 after leading 1 0 when i could have guaranteed a profit :(


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