Thursday, December 28, 2006


3 times tonight hit trips on flop ( twice in NL :( and once FL ).

Each time against higher trips - Im totally shafted at the moment

Had 44 at FL on board 843 rainbow - lovely then turn J he has JJ I lose fortune - however at least its FL.

Move to NL - a 4* BB raiser I call as does one more. Flop a gorgeous looking A 4 2 offsuit and I have 22 - Im looking at big payday here hopefully against big ace. All gos to plan all chips in middle ( 600$ ) and Im against 44.

That's it now till the 30th Im fooked off with the game few days off to cool down.

Im in the 100k$ freeroll on 30th and will try and stay off till then.

Last week is just twist after twist so cant be a good read for anyone anyway.

I have gone form £7k up to £3k and a bit up for the month and am devastated at the last weeks events.

The multi was usual tonight all in A Q board A K J 10 some knobb calls 10 10 and hits house

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