Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The player that finishes one of the money is called the bubble in poker and unfortunately in the 10k guaranteed tonight that's where I finished.

I am really annoyed at myself also as played the hand very bad.

I was 18 of 19 and 18 payed - I was on big blind with 2 4 off suit.

However flop came J 3 5 - In hindsight I think I should have bet all in ( I had 3.4K and pot was 3k) - this would have looked like a jack. Instead I check called and then missed the straight and lost to ace high. Had I pushed all in I think i would have won the pot uncontested. I was hoping for a free card but think my lack of aggression cost me on this hand.

Hopefully I will learn form that mistake.

I have put a post up on betfair forum to see what they think but I'm pretty sure I already know answer :(

That would have been 3 multi cashes in row so annoyed at self.

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