Monday, December 04, 2006


I noticed that the guarented tournamants have not been filling up so I played the 8k gtd tonight.

Crypto had to put in 3.5k to make the purse up so not sure how long this gtd fund will last. This is well worth playing with so much value.

I played well and made final table but very disappointed to finish 9th ( 6th was highest I ever was ).

3 limper's on FT so i limped for 1/7th stack with K J suited - flop q 10 6 and original better made small bet - I raised all in as I thought I might take pot there but guy behind me called and original raiser called.

Original raiser K J also so would have been split pot if just us in pot but unfortunately the last limper had ten ten and I missed and out - pleased with performance but gutted not to go top 5 which were all over 600 quid instead of the £200 i made.

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