Saturday, December 09, 2006


I have just won the 15k$ gtd on betfair and am delighted with a 1st price of 4.5k$ my biggest ever win.

Im very proud that i never had my chips in behind at any point in the whole game apart from when I had an auto call v a shorter stack.

I won a couple of races early and was alwas in the top 10 but really pulled away when there were about 20 players left. The top 18 were paid so I picked loads of potts up when people were trying to hang on to get in the cash.

Got to heads up with a chip lead and then J 7 off suit became my new fav hand.

I limped into big blind twice with this - 1st time flop came 8 7 2 and i checked and he bet the pot - i was pretty sure he had 2 high cards and raised all in and i was pleased when he folded as this pushed it my way big time. Next blind i have same hand limp again he doubles big blind - flop a magical 8 9 10 and he bets all in so an easy call for me and he missed the 7 and q which would have given him a split pot.

Main thing from tonight is how many pots i took when everyone had tightened up near the money - this is classic big stack play and I'm chuffed as this is my biggest ever tourney win.

I'm off on stag do next few days so next game Sunday - I cant wait :) !!!!

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